• Iberico

    Manchego D.O.P. Gran Valle de Montecelo

    Manchego Gran Valle de Montecelo comes from the most awarded dairy in la Mancha, being the most awarded Manchego in the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin and can look back on three generation of cheese making history.

  • Iberico

    Iberico Bonvallis

    The blend of milks allows it to obtain the grassy, herbaceous flavors of the goat’s and sheep’s milk while maintaining the smoothness of cow’s milk. This firm cheese is mild, yet tasty and aromatic.

  • Iberico

    Natural Bonvallis Quince Paste

    Quince paste is called Membrillo in Spanish. The word membrillo derives from Latin melimelum, which means honey apple and refers to quince or a preserve made of quince. Quince paste is a traditional Spanish delicacy since medieval times.

  • Iberico

    Bonvallis Marcona Almonds

    Spanish Marcona Almonds are the most appreciated of all varieties. Crunchy and smooth, Marcona Almonds are native to Spain and are considered as a delicacy worldwide making them available in very limited supplies.

  • Iberico


    Picos are little sticks of crunchy bread, very typical from Andalucía. This traditional and very popular product is all natural, made of flour, extra virgin olive oil, water, yeast and salt.

  • Iberico

    Figs and Almonds Cake

    This traditional energy bar of Spain its handcraft made without additives or preservatives following a 200 years old family recipe. It’s made only with Spanish figs, which are much better than the Turkish ones, due to their natural sweetness.

Our aims

· Our aims are ·
To represent your interest in Spain and due to our market knowledge to offer you solutions which will allow you to exercise your own marketing concepts with success. Offer you one-stop shopping (we bundle a range of specialty cheeses here in Spain). Having direct access to traditional Spanish premium quality cheeses made by artisans using selected milk stock. Giving you direct contact by us with our member farmers and manufacturers. You won’t have to deal with a variety of suppliers, language problems, negotiating labeling, etc.
Make you able to supply you clients splendid cheeses with its characteristic freshness and ripeness by a regular supply.

Quorum Internacional, Specialist in traditional Spanish Cheese and Accompaniments.

Working partnership in developing a mutually profitable relationship.
· We achieve that by ·
Transparency cooperation between Quorum Internacional S.L. and our customers. Market and product knowledge, as long time experience working with farmers and manufacturers which elaborate unique cheeses form high quality raw material. A transport logistic that allows us to gather a range of specialty cheeses of all Spanish regions just in time.
· This generates the following benefits ·
You’ve got a wide range of cheeses and accompaniments that have a unique appealing taste profile as well as presentation and labels. Basic condition for satisfied customers sales and added value. You will receive the products quickly and reliably just in time with the characteristic freshness or degree of ripeness. Avoiding mould, devolutions, complaints and high stock costs. You make certain decisions and you are able to develop your own Spanish cheese product line being supported in the best way by us.