• Iberico

    Manchego D.O.P. Gran Valle de Montecelo

    Manchego Gran Valle de Montecelo comes from the most awarded dairy in la Mancha, being the most awarded Manchego in the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin and can look back on three generation of cheese making history.

  • Iberico

    Iberico Bonvallis

    The blend of milks allows it to obtain the grassy, herbaceous flavors of the goat’s and sheep’s milk while maintaining the smoothness of cow’s milk. This firm cheese is mild, yet tasty and aromatic.

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    Natural Bonvallis Quince Paste

    Quince paste is called Membrillo in Spanish. The word membrillo derives from Latin melimelum, which means honey apple and refers to quince or a preserve made of quince. Quince paste is a traditional Spanish delicacy since medieval times.

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    Bonvallis Marcona Almonds

    Spanish Marcona Almonds are the most appreciated of all varieties. Crunchy and smooth, Marcona Almonds are native to Spain and are considered as a delicacy worldwide making them available in very limited supplies.

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    Picos are little sticks of crunchy bread, very typical from Andalucía. This traditional and very popular product is all natural, made of flour, extra virgin olive oil, water, yeast and salt.

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    Figs and Almonds Cake

    This traditional energy bar of Spain its handcraft made without additives or preservatives following a 200 years old family recipe. It’s made only with Spanish figs, which are much better than the Turkish ones, due to their natural sweetness.

Mahon D.O.P. Bonvallis
CHEESE, Raw Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Cow milk

Islas Baleares

Mahón D.O.P. Bonvallis

Cow milkPasteurized milkD.O.P. Mahón D.O.P. ISO9001

Mahon is produced with raw or pasteurised milk of the Mahonesa, Frisona and Pardo-Alpina cows on the Mediterranean island of Menorca in the Balearics. Although it is a small island, Menorca produces enough cheese to make Mahon Spain’s second most popular cheese next to Manchego. Mahon comes in large squares of about six pounds. Ripened in underground caves for at least 60 days, Mahon has a bold, magnificent flavor that could never be called mild. The yellowish-orange rind conceals a soft, slightly salty and decidedly spicy interior.

Traditionally the orange rind on Mahon comes from being rubbed in butter, paprika and olive oil. The intense, lightly salted, piquant flavor becomes more intense as the cheese ages. This unique cheese is a must try for any cheese lover and an absolute necessity for the true connoisseur. Serve before meals or after, as an appetizer or dessert, it can be melted and gives life to sandwiches or burgers, serve with crusty bread or crackers. Also ideal with nuts or fresh fruit such as grapes. If consumed with a sweet sherry, its personality and characteristics will be reinforced.


Item Code
Degree of
Units x
Best Before
Raw Milk
2,5 kg 3 months Quadrate 49% 2 Wax Paper 180 days Menorca
0555-10 3 kg 5-6 months Quadrate 49% 2 Wax Paper 180 days Menorca
0555-01 3 kg 3 months Quadrate 49% 2 Wax Paper 180 days Menorca
0555-02 1 kg 3 months Quadrate 49% 4 Wax Paper/Vacuum 180 days Menorca
0555-04 350 g 2 months Wedges 49% 16 Wax Paper 180 days Menorca