• Iberico

    Manchego D.O.P. Gran Valle de Montecelo

    Manchego Gran Valle de Montecelo comes from the most awarded dairy in la Mancha, being the most awarded Manchego in the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin and can look back on three generation of cheese making history.

  • Iberico

    Iberico Bonvallis

    The blend of milks allows it to obtain the grassy, herbaceous flavors of the goat’s and sheep’s milk while maintaining the smoothness of cow’s milk. This firm cheese is mild, yet tasty and aromatic.

  • Iberico

    Natural Bonvallis Quince Paste

    Quince paste is called Membrillo in Spanish. The word membrillo derives from Latin melimelum, which means honey apple and refers to quince or a preserve made of quince. Quince paste is a traditional Spanish delicacy since medieval times.

  • Iberico

    Bonvallis Marcona Almonds

    Spanish Marcona Almonds are the most appreciated of all varieties. Crunchy and smooth, Marcona Almonds are native to Spain and are considered as a delicacy worldwide making them available in very limited supplies.

  • Iberico


    Picos are little sticks of crunchy bread, very typical from Andalucía. This traditional and very popular product is all natural, made of flour, extra virgin olive oil, water, yeast and salt.

  • Iberico

    Figs and Almonds Cake

    This traditional energy bar of Spain its handcraft made without additives or preservatives following a 200 years old family recipe. It’s made only with Spanish figs, which are much better than the Turkish ones, due to their natural sweetness.

Majorero D.O.P.
CHEESE, Raw Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Goat milk, Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias

Majorero D.O.P.

Goat milkPasteurized milkD.O.P. MajoreroD.O.P.

The special climatic characteristics of the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) have made possible the development of a native breed of goat, the Majorera goat, which milk is used since ancient times by the farmers of the area to produce this cheese. The dry, pleasant climate produces a rich, fatty milk ideal for cheesemaking. It is a cheese with a mild flavor, slightly spicy when it is mature and with a creamy texture and the subtle aroma of the marjoram that these goats graze on. It is cylindrical in shape, with the characteristic impression of the plaited palm leaves with which the mould was traditionally made. The color of the rind is usually white, although cheeses that are going to be kept for longer are rubbed with oil, paprika or roasted maize meal (gofio) and take on a more brownish shade.

Depending on the maturing time, it may be mild (8 to 20 days), medium mature (20 to 60 days) or mature (more than 60 days). It has a flavor with hints of honey and almonds, although its aftertaste is a bit peppery. The quality of this cheese was recognized when it obtained the Majorero Cheese Protected Designation of Origin in 1996. Perfect as a snack with fresh bread, crackers, fruit trays and salads. Pairs with young red wines and with sweet wines when eaten as a dessert.
Item Code
Degree of
Fat i.d.m.
Units x
Best Before
0444-03 3,5 kg 2 months Cylindrical 50% 2 Natural/Vacuum 365 days Canary Islands
0444-05 1,5 kg 2 months Cylindrical 50% 4 Natural/Vacuum 365 days Canary Islands
0444-02 3,5 kg 1-2 months Cylindrical 50% 2 Natural/Vacuum 365 days Canary Islands
0444-07 1,5 kg 1-2 months Cylindrical 50% 4 Natural/Vacuum 365 days Canary Islands
0444-01 3,5 kg 20 days Cylindrical 50% 2 Natural/Vacuum 365 days Canary Islands
Raw Milk
3,5 kg 2 months Cylindrical 50% 2 Natural/Vacuum 180 days Canary Islands
Raw Milk
1,5 kg 2 months Cylindrical 50% 4 Natural/Vacuum 180 days Canary Islands